New Auto Lease

Who is Autoflex Leasing?

Autoflex Leasing has been America’s premier auto leasing company since 1982. For over 40 years, Autoflex has been a pioneer in simple auto leasing, notably with our award-winning Flexlease program. Our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through every step of your leasing journey. Join the ranks of delighted customers, where 70% of our business is repeat and referred clients due to top-notch customer service for best possible new auto lease deals in the Dallas area and nationwide.

Find the exact car you’re looking for.

Get top dollar for your trade-in and the best leasing deal.

Facilitate your lease over the phone and have it delivered directly to you.

How Do I Finance My New Car Lease?

At Autoflex, our exceptional service and customer-friendly Flexlease program redefines car leasing convenience. We offer a zero-down car lease and no payments for 60 days, giving you ultimate flexibility and the best car lease deal rates in Dallas.

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Fill out our online quote form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Zero money down with no payments for 60 days, for qualified leases.

On a standard consumer lease, Flexlease offers the lowest rates by any company.

If you choose to opt out of your lease, you will never be charged early termination penalties.

Get more flexibility with our low, competitive interest rates and real market residuals.

Customize your Flexlease on any new or select used vehicle.

Flexlease allows you to buy, lease, or trade over the phone, arrange free loan cars for emergency service, and more.

We are here to provide exceptionally friendly, local service any time you have questions about your lease.

Why Should I Lease My New Car With Autoflex?

While buying a car has some merits, leasing a new or pre-owned car with Autoflex offers advantages like a shorter commitment, minimal to no down payment, and low interest rates. Choose any make, any model and leave the hassle of buying behind you with the pros at Autoflex.

Enjoy driving a new car every few years.

Avoid the liabilities of vehicle ownership. 

Never finance a new vehicle again to get lower payments.

What About My Trade-In Vehicle?

Get top dollar out of your old car with Autoflex, whether we buy it or simply facilitate the sale. Trade in your vehicle and ensure lower monthly payments and no money down. Sell your car and get a quote on a new car today!

Cut out the middle man and sell directly to us.

Receive top dollar for your car. 

Utilize our network of used car experts.

Save time & money by having one point of contact.

Does Autoflex Leasing Offer New Car Lease Deals?

Discover unbeatable car lease deals with Autoflex Leasing, the premier choice in Dallas and nationwide. Save money leasing a new car through lower monthly payments, potentially no upfront cost, and the best deals on a new car. Shop our monthly offers and get pre-approved today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedication to helping our customers get the best deal on any make and model lease is what makes us the leading auto leasing provider in the Dallas area.