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At Autoflex Leasing, we believe in providing a comprehensive Flexlease experience, which includes the Auto Finder Service.  

Through our vast network of auto dealerships, we acquire hundreds of new and used vehicles every month for our clients. You will always get the best selection and benefit from our volume savings from pre-arranged fleet pricing on all makes and models.  

Your time is valuable. Stop wasting hours sourcing or pricing inventory at dealerships. At Autoflex Leasing, the entire process is seamlessly woven into the AutoFinder Service. Our customers consistently rate us the easiest buying experience they’ve ever had!

With Autoflex Leasing, you’re equipped with all the information necessary to make the best decision, regardless of the make or model you choose, new or used. This is only one of the reasons nearly 80% of our business comes from repeat and referred clients.

Enjoy easy access to inventory at pre-arranged fleet pricing and many other advantages with our award-winning Flexlease program. 

Find the exact car you’re looking for.

Get top dollar for your trade-in and the best leasing deal.

Facilitate your lease over the phone and have it delivered directly to you.

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